Old Hobart Distillery is a boutique distillery located in Tasmania producing hand-crafted whiskies and other spirits.

Our whisky is made from the finest ingredients Tasmania has to offer with barley to rival the finest in the world and water recognised as the cleanest. Our Overeem Single Malt Whisky is creating great interest to discerning palates the world over.

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About Us

In order to understand the Old Hobart Distillery, a little history of distilling in Tasmania needs to be explained. So pour yourself a wee dram, get comfortable and read on…

It all started in 1822 when Thomas Haigh Midwood established the first legal whisky distillery in Van Diemen’s Land, later known as Tasmania. By 1824 there were 16 legal distilleries operating on the island and the industry seemed secure, however Governor John Franklin put an end to it all in 1838 by prohibiting all distilling.



That was basically that, until the early 1990s when a few visionary people started dreaming of what could be, given Tasmania’s natural advantages of excellent barley, pure water, clean air and ideal climate. Tasmania is already well known for its high quality beef, cheese, wine, beer, seafood, wool and other products - so why not whisky?

The main visionary Bill Lark, of Lark Distillery, lobbied the government to amend the Distillation Act of 1901 to allow small-scale distilleries to operate. Casey Overeem continued experimenting with stills and the production of whisky.

Old Hobart Distillery is a family-owned business, with operations headed by Casey Overeem. Casey’s interest in the industry started back in the early 1980s when he had his first experience of distilling at a relative’s house in Norway. “Many people had micro-distilleries in their cellars and I really admired them, so I started experimenting when I got home” said Casey.

After much research, realisation dawned that Tasmania offers the perfect climate and ingredients for the production of single malt whisky. Following years of research and experimentation, Old Hobart Distillery secured a distiller’s licence in 2005.



A trip to Scotland, the spiritual home of all whiskies shortly followed with visits to around 15 distilleries to gain a better knowledge of the whole distillation process. Casey is thankful that everyone was open to offering advice and sharing information!

Old Hobart Distillery is now in full production with whisky maturing in mainly 100 litre barrels. To find out more about our products click here


Our Products

Old Hobart Distillery specialises in producing hand-crafted, single cask, single malt whisky. Our whisky is currently available in both Port and Sherry cask matured.

Port Matured, Single Cask,
Single Malt Whisky 700ml

  • Port Matured (43% abv)
  • Port Matured (60% abv)


The Distillery’s Port Matured Whisky is aged in ex-port French-oak barrels. These handselected barrels have been cut down to 100litre (quarter cask) capacity, which aids in producing an intense whisky of incredible character and flavour profile.

Overeem Single Cask, Single Malt Whisky – Port Matured 43%
On the Eye: Deep gold & brassy
On the Nose: Moderately intense aromatics, fruit chocolates, caramel, butterscotch, Turkish delight, crème Brule, plum pudding rum soaked raisins, hint of cider
On the Palate: Creamy texture, sweet and delicately spicy, fruitcake, caramel, licorice & sweet malt.
The Finish: Long. Vanilla bean laced with spiced raisins.

Overeem Single Cask, Single Malt Whisky – Port Matured 60% (Cask Strength)
On the Eye: Deep brass / gold
On the Nose: Notes of choc-chip cookie, orange marmalade and clove.
On the Palate: Spicy dried fruits (raisin and date)
The Finish: Hints of plum, sultana and cocoa

Sherry Matured, Single Cask,
Single Malt Whisky 700ml

  • Sherry Matured (43% abv)
  • Sherry Matured (60% abv)


The Distillery’s Sherry Matured Whisky is aged in ex-sherry French-oak barrels. Also quarter cask, these barrels produce a variance to the Port Matured which will be most appreciated by the discerning palate.

Overeem Single Cask, Single Malt Whisky – Sherry Matured 43%
On the Eye: Deep bright brass / gold
On the Nose: Chocolate ice-cream, citrus, hay, vanilla, rum soaked dried fruits, barley sugar, butter menthol, cinnamon and Christmas cake
On the Palate: Chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, hay, grass, stewed stone fruits and roasted nuts
The Finish: Lightly charred nuts and sherry infused dried fruits

Overeem Single Cask, Single Malt Whisky – Sherry Matured 60%
On the Eye: Deep gold, burnished brass
On the Nose: Rich fruit cake, sweet spices, bubble gum, dark chocolate
On the Palate: Intense cocoa, sweet spices and hints of dried fruit
The Finish: Mildly bitter, spicy and warm. Subtle cocoa and bubble gum after-taste

Bourbon Matured, Single Cask,
Single Malt Whisky 700ml

  • Bourbon Matured (43% abv)
  • Bourbon Matured (60% abv)



Port Cask Matured:
Our Port Matured Whisky is aged in an ex-port French-oak barrel. These hand-selected barrels have been cut down to 100 litre (quarter cask) capacity. These quarter cask barrels produce an intense whisky of incredible character and flavour profile.

Sherry Cask Matured:
Our Sherry Matured Whisky is aged in an ex-sherry French-oak barrel. Also quarter cask, these barrels produce a variance to the Port Matured which will be most appreciated by the discerning palate.


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Women in Whisky: The Girl from Glenlivet, The Ambassador & The Writer

Whisky has been traditionally the domain of men but a lot has changed in recent years. In this interview, we have the pleasure of featuring three women from Australia's whisky industry. "Old world" whisky meets "new world" whisky over an in-depth discussion with our own whisky writer as the women share their diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Read more at Gourmantic (June 23, 2014)

Picture: Laura Hay, Jane Overeem, Corinne Mossati


New tourist trail is brewing to promote Tasmania as the whisky island

TASMANIA is ramping up its reputation as the whisky island, with a statewide Whisky Trail on the horizon and a second distillery tour operator kicking off in Hobart.

Picture: Sam Rosewarne. Source: Mercury

Jane Overeem, from the Old Hobart Distillery, hosted a group at her stillhouse in Blackmans Bay last week as part of Brett Steel's new Tasmanian Whisky Tours. She said the top-shelf drop was fast becoming the next big thing for the state. "It's a very casual tour and I think that's what people loved about it," Ms Overeem said. Mark Nicholson from Lark Distillery, which has operated tours of its facilities for five years, welcomed the new player, saying whisky tourism in the state had taken another step forward. "Lark are about to start half-day tours to our distillery twice every weekday from next week, and Brett Steel has begun his own whisky tour offering to take people to distillers further afield like Nant near Bothwell, Redlands in the Derwent Valley, William McHenry & Sons in Port Arthur and Overeem in Blackmans Bay," Mr Nicholson said. "The sector is really going through a surge." Ms Overeem said although the local industry had grown quickly there was still huge potential for the state, with producers meeting regularly in a bid to market and brand Tasmania the whisky island of Australia.

Read more at The Mercury (January 13, 2014)


Overeem Sherry Casks "Overeem & Over-ere"

Since the early 1990s the Australian whisky industry has gone from strength to strength, and without doubt can now be considered as one of the main forefathers of the world whisky revolution. Led by and large, but not exclusively from distilleries in Tasmania and thanks to such dramming pioneers as Bill Lark, there are now over 20 distilleries producing drams from the land they call 'Down Under'.

Read more at The Whisky Wire (September 6, 2013)


Sydney Whisky Fair 2013 review

The Sydney Whisy Fair returned to the Oak Barrel for 2013 with a top line up of whiskies including independent bottlings, artisan producers and micro distilleries. There were several highlights this year and a quick lap around the premises revealed a diverse range of whiskies not presented in previous years.

Exclusive to the Sydney Whisky Fair, a private bottling of Overeem Port Finish 43% was matured for 6 weeks in a 20L French oak cask at the Oak barrel counter. Straight from the cask, 100 individually numbered bottles were available for sale at $44 each. The ageing of the whisky resulted in more complex dram with more bite and a pronounced nutty character.

Read more at Gourmantic (Corinne - July 10, 2013)

Photo: Kevin Burke for Gourmantic


The Whisky Fair Sydney 2013 review (#101drams)

Overeem - a Tassie favourite of mine, with 200mL bottlings of their Oak Barrel exclusive cask for only $44. We're big fans of the Port cask Overeem (and also the Sherry), and can't wait for their next release.

Read more at TimeForWhisky.com (Martin - September 16, 2013)


Ho Ho Hobart...Overeem Australian Whisky

Continuing our theme of interesting world whiskies you probably haven't heard of this month, we bring you news of a brace of new Aussie whiskies about to hit these shores, from The Old Hobart Distillery in Tasmania. Australian whisky making has really begun to attract the sort of feverish attention it deserves thanks to a number of recent award successes and better distribution outside of Australia and the Old Hobart Distillery located to the south of Tasmania, is the latest to capitalise on this interest.

Read more at CaskStrength.com.au (August 6, 2013)


Old Hobart Distillery raises the bar

It's quite possibly one of the best pick-up stories to use at the pub. Although, Jane Overeem admits, it’s not one she has had to use yet. As an attractive 26-year-old whisky distiller, in Blackmans Bay in Tasmania, she certainly does attract attention with the opposite sex.

“There’s just not that many people who are distillers, let alone females in their 20s,” says Jane, whose boyfriend runs a restaurant near Hobart. “Now that our whisky is selling behind the bar in Salamanca it can be fun socially to be out with friends and order a bottle with our name on it."

Read more at Weekly Times (Sarah Hudson - July 10, 2013)

Photo: Phillip Biggs


Old Hobart - The world's most improved whisky?

They say that a prophet is never hailed in his own land. But in the case of Casey Overeem nothing could be further from the truth. Over 2012 Australia's whisky drinkers have taken his Old Hobart Distillery to their hearts. And a year on from that first batch of 400 bottles launched under the Overeem name, Old Hobart Distillery has gone a long way towards joining Tasmanian distillers Sullivan's Cove, Lark and Hellyer's Road at the forefront of the Tasmanian whisky revolution."

Read more at World Whisky Review (Domninc Roskrow - February 2013)


Raise a glass to Tassie's new gold

Andrew Derbidge, cellar master of the Scotch Malt Whisky Association, says everybody is doing pretty well. "They are making whiskies we should be proud of; the preconditions are there to create a real Tasmanian industry."

Read more at TheAustralian.com or click here to download the pdf version.


Malt Mileage, Whisky and Spirit Reviews

OveReem Sherry Cask Matured (Cask Strength, 60%) - With the Port and Sherry Cask Matured, Casey Overeem has picked a quinella (two winners). The OveReem Sherry Cask Matured 60% is a unique Tasmanian whisky that has a very enjoyable and sensational character. This whisky strikes the palate like an angry snake, bringing with its bite a potency, ferocity and fire that can only be experienced with this whisky.

Read more at Malt Mileage Review


Pubs stock up on local drop

WHISKY makers have come up with a bright idea to showcase their product in Tassie bars, pubs and restaurants.

Four large distilleries have commissioned a Tasmanian Oak plinth to hold Lark, Overeem, Hellyers Rd and Sullivans Cove whiskies. The special display case is being rolled out to 50 venues across the state. The plinths have been designed to make Tassie whisky a talking point among customers, Old Hobart Distillery marketing manager Jane Overeem said.

"I've had visitors from Scotland ask me where can they get Tasmanian whiskies -- they can't find them," she said.

Sullivans Cove marketing manager Bertie Cason said Tasmania was being promoted as a whisky destination and hospitality venues needed to reflect that. Hobart publican Brett Davis put his plinth pride of place on the public bar of The Brunswick Hotel, which is a favourite stopover for travellers.

"Our wine list is heavily Tasmanian, so is our food and beer, so why not our whisky?" Mr Davis said.

Read more at TheMercury.com.au

Old Hobart Distillery's Jane Overeem, left, and Sullivans Cove's Bertie Cason say Tasmanian whisky is in a class of its own. Picture: LUKE BOWDEN


Liquid Gold Award

Overeem Single Malt Whisky received the following high scores in the famous Jim Murray's International Whisky Bible 2013.

Overeem Port Cask (60%): 95.0

Overeem Port Cask (43%): 89.0

Overeem Sherry Cask (60%): 91.5

Overeem Sherry Cask (43%): 85.5

'Jim Murray's whisky bible 2013 contains the tasting notes of 4,500 whiskies from around the world. These scoring 94 points or higher are considered to be the elite, the very finest you can find on whisky shelves around the world. Congratulations are therefore due to the people who made and marketed this supreme whisky' Jim Murray, 2012


Score Chart:
0 - 50.5 = Nothing short of absolutely diabolical.
51 - 64.5 = Nasty and well worth avoiding.
65 - 69.5 = Very unimpressive indeed.
70 - 74.5 = Usually drinkable but don't expect the earth to move.
75 - 79.5 = Average and usually pleasant though sometimes flawed.
80 - 84.5 = Good whisky, worth trying.
85 - 89.5 = Very good to excellent whiskies definitely worth buying.
90 - 93.5 = BRILLIANT.
94 - 97.5 = Superstar whiskies that gives us all a reason to live.
98 - 100 = Better than anything I've ever tasted.


Take note of Tassie whisky, say distillers

The Shout
'On a media tour of Tasmania's distilleries, Cason said that along with Sullivans Cove's recent accolades, the state's other major distillers - Lark, The Nant and Overeem - have all scored above 95 points in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible.' - James Atkinson


Exalted Malt Strikes Gold

Sydney Morning Herald
One of the country's newest whisky distilleries is already one of the most decorated. Despite its name, Old Hobart Distillery began production only in 2007...

The Age
The field for the latter was rather select with 24 entries but the dominance of the Overeem whiskieswas undeniable - Overeem Sherry Cask was runner-up in the single malt category, while the cask strength port topped the cask strength section...


MEDIA RELEASE - Overeem Single Malt Awarded Australia’s Highest Scoring Whisky 2012

25 July, 2012 – Old Hobart Distillery’s ‘Overeem Single Malt Whisky’ has recently been awarded Australia’s Highest Scoring Whisky for 2012 from the Malt Whisky Society of Australia (MWSoA) and also received ‘Overall Winner’ in the recent World of Whisky ‘Australasian Whisky Awards’ for 2012.

Download the full Media Release to read more


The Whisky Show 2012 - In Review

Overeem/Old Hobart Distillery won the Gold and Silver medals for their Port and Sherry casks respectively in the Single Malt category. Overeem also and took out the Gold award in the Cask Strength category as well as being pronounced the overall winner.

See photos and


Fledgling Distillery Scoops Whisky Awards

Despite only having had its whiskies on the market for a matter of months, Tasmania's Old Hobart Distillery scooped the prize pool at the first ever Australasian Whisky Awards on Friday. Old Hobart Distillery won first place in the standard single malt category with its Overeem Port Matured whisky, which was also declared overall champion of the awards. Overeem Sherry Matured whisky came in second in the single malt category, while the fledgling distillery also took out the cask strength category with its 60 per cent ABV Sherry Matured single malt.

See the results and read more at TheShout.com.au


Local Whisky Bound for Overseas - Kingborough Chronical

"They've only been on the Tasmanian market for six months, but already Blackmans Bay distiller Casey Overeem has found an overseas market for his single malt whiskies."


The Singular Overeem (Sherry cask)

"As I perused the internet for Australian whiskey to get my hands on for my year long chase, I came across a new little distillery in Tasmania called the ‘Old Hobart Distillery’. It sounded very promising especially having noticed on their site that they were yet to release their first ever batch of 'The Singular Overeem' Whiskey."

Read more at TheAirOfAddiction.com


Tip from The Barrel 1: How to serve your whisky


Whisky Galore around the globe

"If you offered someone an Australian malt whisky, chances are they would think you were joking and ask if there was a real scotch on offer. Well, among the 50-plus malt whisky's on show at Whisky live at Perth Town Hall, there were 3 Australian malts which were far from being a joke".

The West Australian (13 April 2012)

< View full size


Old Hobart Distillery: New Wave Australian Whisky

"While early days yet, the Overeem range has shown fantastic promise with a distinct house style which is both forward and refined. Overeem’s overtly floral and fruity whiskies have astounding depth given their age and will no doubt cause many connoisseurs to reconsider their perceptions of Australian whisky."

Read the more at OakBarrel.com.au

Old Hobart Distillery celebrate launch of first batch of single malt

"This week Tasmanian whisky maker Old Hobart Distillery officially launched the first batch of its Overeem Single Malt Whisky. Interest in their single malt has increased since it achieved the highest score ever for an Australian whisky in a ‘blind tasting’ by the Malt Whisky Society of Australia (MWSoA)."

Read more at WhiskyDrinker.com


Overeem Single Malt Whisky – Official Launch

On December 8 2011, Old Hobart Distillery launched the ‘First Release’ of ‘Overeem Single Malt Whisky’. A highlight of the evening was the auction for the number 001 bottle from the First Release.

The winning bid went for $3,000AUD with the proceeds donated to the Fred Hollows foundation.

Our products are now available from specialist suppliers as well as direct from Old Hobart Distillery.

Orders for the ‘First Release’ can be made by clicking here.


Overeem Single Malt Whisky - Tasting Results

Interest in Overeem Single Malt Whisky has increased immensely since a 'blind tasting' was undertaken by the Malt Whisky Society of Australia (MWSoA). The judging panel gave it the highest score ever achieved by an Australian whisky.

Our Sherry Matured Cask #002 was the top scorer by the panel judging seven Australian Whiskies. Craig Daniels, Chairperson of the MWSoA said it was the “the best cask sample I’ve ever tasted in a ‘blind’ taste of Australian whiskies”.

Our Port Matured Cask #008 was third.

Sherry Cask #004 was later assessed by the panel and was given an even higher score than the original Cask #002. The entire panel scored it over 85. The MWSoA have selected Cask #004 for their first Bespoke Society bottling. 


Unique Tasmanian Whisky Tasting

In December 2009 a unique tasting of all Tasmanian whiskies was held in Hobart.

Whisky experts and journalists from around Australia attended to discover and assess the various products available from six Tasmanian distilleries, including one whisky from Old Hobart Distillery.

We are proud to report that our single malt was very well received, despite being only two and a half years in the barrel! Wholesalers were keen to get hold of it for immediate sale. We think that says something about the distilling craft of Old Hobart Distillery and can hardly wait to see what it’s like when it’s mature!

Apart from making whisky and laying it down to age, we are currently engaged in designing labels, selecting bottles and generally preparing for the first bottling around the middle of 2011.





Our whisky uses pure Tasmanian water, recognised as the cleanest in the world.